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what an excellent challenge, took a minute to really get it, but you are so right learning the chord progression really helps on getting through the playing with more ease.

Hi tomas

while I am changing chord in fp style sometimes or rather most of the times at 90 beats per minute(still trying to increase my speed) to get to the base note in time of the next chord ,the last note of the previous chord which is to be played at the last half part of beat I till then would have already risen my fingers from the fretboard so that sounds open hi e .is that ok or do I don’t pick up more speed till I can change my chords even faster


Tomas (Administrator) September 3, 2019 at 2:13 pm

Hi Shalabh, I added this question to the Real Guitar Live for September. Here’s the link:

Hi Tomas
First of all thank you so much for answering so many queries of mine in the video
But sorry to bother you again but as you were explaining the fingerpicking chord change question at around 51 min mark of the video as the camera angle changes sound is lost . So can you fix it or explain it again
Secondly regarding my other question about figuring out the chord of a song by myself just need to know it is as skill that can be learnt also right or is it just good gift you have or you don’t
Although I believe I can figure out some very basic songs chord even now may not be as good as figuring out the strumming pattern may be someday I will post a video on your stage segment and then you can let me know
Hoooo that’s been astronomically long
Thank you

Tomas (Administrator) September 9, 2019 at 5:21 am

HI Shulamit,

The skill can be learned… I’m a good example. I’m not exceptionally gifted.

Sorry about the video issue. I’ll check out the video when I can. I’m traveling to the UK for several weeks.

I’ll be glad to check out your song on The Stage forum.

Tomas (Administrator) September 9, 2019 at 5:28 am

Hi again,
I said you have to cut the pattern short when changing chords … but it doesn’t sound as good as when your strumming. In addition, I recommended practicing at a slower tempo and speeding up the practice session little by little.

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