Pachelbel Canon Progression

In this exercise I want you to practice the chords by themselves without the fingerpicking. Just strum each chord four times. Each of the slashes in the diagram below represent one strum. This is a fairly standard way to write a chart for a chord progression.

Go as slow as you need to. I recommend using a metronome to help you stay on time. Start slow, then little by little turned up the speed on the metronome to challenge yourself.

From time to time check each chord to make sure all the notes are sounding. It will become more obvious when you start the fingerpicking.

In case you’re wondering what were doing is isolating different elements and practicing them separately. Then when you put them all together will be much easier.


Here’s a way to get even more benefit from this practice.

Instead of playing each chord four times I want you to play the chord just two times. This will give you more practice changing chords.

Make sure and practice it slowly at first and only after you feel fairly comfortable with the first exercise.