Practice with Chords

After you’ve spend some time practicing the basic movement it’s time to try it with some chords. Start by making the C chord in your left hand. Now place the fingers in the proper position on the right-hand. Press this thumb through the first string and then each of the fingers one at a time starting with the first finger.

Now replace the fingers and repeat the same pattern. First the thumb, then first finger, second finger and third finger. Repeat this a few more times and see if you can began to reduce the time it takes to replace all the fingers on the strings in the right-hand.

The idea is to get a fluid motion. You want to get a slow steady pulse going with no hesitation between each of the notes.

Adding the G Chord

Finger the G chord in your left hand. Though there are many ways to finger the G chord any fingering that you prefer is fine for this exercise.

Place the thumb on the sixth string. That’s where the root note of the G chord is… the G bass note. Placed your fingers on the top three strings like you did with the C chord… first finger on the third string, middle finger on the second string and ring finger on the first string.

Now press the six string with your thumb and pull off the fingers one at a time with an even motion. Replace your fingers and thumb. Repeat this entire process several times. Again you’re trying to get the motion even and without hesitation. Go as slow as you need to.



Several Ways to Finger the G Chord