Beginner’s Journey | 2nd Adventure

Time to learn tablature! Along with learning to read tablature, you’ll be working on a critical element of music… Melody. As a side benefit, you’ll continue working on getting your fingers in the right place and making beautiful sounding notes. All this will pay off tremendously in the next adventure.
· July 18, 2018

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  1. After your introduction of Tabs and the lessons, then I was able to see the full picture. I am doing it. Thanks again for making me alive. I was also playing Silent night, and Love me tender using your technic. It is Awesome.

  2. Should I be doing the beginners journey 3 next? Or is there something else? I’m asking based on your response to Joseph below.


    1. Hi Raymond, Yes… go on to the 3rd Adventure. Hah!… I see the comment. Joseph asked that before I had created the 3rd Adventure. It brings back memories 🙂

      I’ve deleted the comment to stop future confusion.