2-1 How To Play Melody And Read Tab




​In this video I’ll explain where we are traveling on this adventure. I answer questions like “what is melody?” and explain the basic fingering that we’ll be using. I’ll also introduce a very valuable ear training technique… By Copy Playing.

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was very helpful in learning to listen

Hello Tomas,

I’m very excited to start this new adventure. Just got a quick question for you. A total beginner, when should I start looking into Guitar gym and your other offerings to incorporate in my practice. The best time to start digging into them during this journey.

Thank you,

Tomas (Administrator) May 30, 2020 at 1:27 pm

Hi Shivanshu,

Excellent question!

The short answer is The Guitar Gym comes after Beginner’s Journey. I developed the Guitar Gym in a way that it is based on knowing the material in the Beginner’s Journey.

Here’s a rough idea of the progressions:

Beginner’s Journey > Barre Chords for Everyone > Guitar Gym & Course Modules

You may want to try out some things in the Guitar Gym. However, it can be overwhelming at times. You’ll find many things that you haven’t learned yet if you haven’t completed the Beginner’s Journey.

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