RGS Live #65 | Q & A Session


Thank you for another wonderful RGS Live Session. The questions just keep getting better and better, and I’ve even found that sometimes your questions help me learn something new! For example, someone had asked me if there is an app out there that can identify the key of a song. Turns out after I did some searching online, that there is! I never knew! For those of you who are interested in this, I’ve included it in the links below.

We covered a good amount of topics, from what picks I recommend, to strumming in time, to fingerpicking tips, and how to improvise to a song that the only thing you know is the key!

I’m sure you will find some question asked in this Live Session that you’ve been wondering about yourself!

If you missed this live session, fear not, we will meet again next month on Thursday January 5th, 2023! We’d love to see you there, so be sure to put it on your calendar with this RGS LIVE link.

Links Mentioned:

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