Monthly Practice Plan – November 2022

The month of November has arrived and we are very excited to have you here with us. For this month we have a great number of lessons that we hope will help you get better as a musician and guitar player. 

This group of lessons features a bit of everything, from how to get started with improvising, to many blues concepts. It is important to realize that although the blues is a style of music, many blues techniques and concepts can be used in rock, pop, country and jazz. 

As a matter of fact, things like the blues scales, 12-bar blues, blues’ shuffle feel, are the basis for much of rock, country and jazz, with pop not being that far behind either. In other words, to play any of those styles well, you need to have an understanding of basic blues concepts.

This month we will also get you started with the Harmonic Minor scale, playing different versions of the same chord up and down the fretboard, and do our usual ear training as well. 

We hope that you take full advantage of these lessons. Remember to be patient with yourself and have fun!

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