The Practice Gym | Secret Weapon #2

The Guitar Gym is your secret weapon to learning guitar. You will make amazing progress by spending a short amount of time there daily. 

This is the home of Daily Practice Sessions. These are short guided practice sessions for each weekday. First I explained the how and the why… then I give you a series of play-along videos to practice along with.

Each week I'm cycling through different crucial guitar skills including:

Monday - Warm-Up Exercises

Tuesday - Jam Club

Wednesday - Chords/Rhythm

Thursday - Fingerstyle Guitar

Friday - Guitar Theory/Ear Training

Each weekday you'll have a new technique or exercise. Each is an opportunity to not only learn from the session but to make decisions on where you want to spend your time. Some of the exercises will click… Others not so much. You get to choose which ones you'll spend more time on.

This process will keep you moving forward.

In addition…

  • The system provides an immersion approach to learning. This is an invaluable aspect of learning that will super-charge your progress and complement the step-by-step (Linear) course modules.
  • As you work on the session I'll explain ideas and concepts that will prove invaluable.
  • You'll develop the habit of practicing every day.
  • You'll develop confidence in spite of not being able to play something well. This is a big win and can open many doors.

How does it work?

The idea is that you open up the session for the day and spend 10 focused minutes on It. Play around with it. Now, after 10 minutes, you decide if it’s something you can get into. 

If the answer is “Not So Much”, it’s time to move on. Check it off and you’re done. 

If the answer is “I want more time on this one”, that’s great! You’ve found a winner. Check the little star to add it to FAVORITES. You can spend more time on it whenever you choose.

There are two keys to getting the most from the Guitar Gym

1) Re-Define Success. It’s natural to want to achieve some level of competency with each session. For most people success means playing something well.

I want you to define success as spending the 10 minutes, not how well you played the lesson. I know this can seem a bit counter intuitive. I ask that you trust the process. Over time you’ll see the results.

2) Keep Moving Forward. Spend 10 minutes, then decide whether you want to save it for later (add to FAVORITES)...  or not. Either way check it off.

Do today’s session before going back to previous saved sessions.

When the  month is over go on to the sessions for the new month. 

The sessions will expose you to something new each day without the pressure of having to master it. This is very different from the step-by-step lessons in the Beginner's Journey (Secret Weapon #1). In the Beginner's Journey one lesson builds on another. This is Step-By-Step Learning. It’s one type of learning... an important one.

In the Guitar Gym we're using Immersion Learning, a second type of learning. This second type is crucial to becoming fluent on the guitar.

It can also be a lot of fun if you let go of wanting to master each session the first time around.

For Fun... Let’s Add A Drawing

Each month we hold a drawing for an Amazon gift card. You don’t have to be present to win. All you have to do to be eligible is to complete the sessions in the Guitar Gym for the month. 

Here’s the important part… You don’t have to master the lesson.

Spend 10 minutes on it, then decide whether you want to save it for later (add to FAVORITES)...  or not. Either way check it off.

The real prize is the skill you'll develop on guitar and the feeling of accomplishment.

Remember... the point of all this is to make playing guitar an enjoyable and rewarding part of your life.

When are the Practice Session released for the month?

I release the sessions on the first Monday of each month. Sometimes there is a gap between the months. This gives an extra week to complete the sessions for the month to enter the drawing.

How do I access the current Practice Sessions?

Each week I send an email that has a link to the current practice sessions at the bottom. You can access the sessions from that link or from the button on the Home Dashboard (aka RGS HOME) on the Guitar Gym section (see image below).

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