Monthly Practice Plan – April 2023

The month of April is here and we have a new set of lessons and exercises that will continue to empower you as a musician. We are excited to share a useful and fun variety of techniques and concepts that will help you take your playing to the next level.

We’ve got a few excellent workouts for your right hand, nice musical phrases to develop your right-hand independence, and drills to tie it all together. Additionally, we will keep working on you developing your ear training with our usual By Copy Play drills.

This month we also have several exercises that add the element of music theory. These will help you to have a better understanding of useful concepts like scales, intervals, arpeggios, and more. Each of these is presented in a fun and useful way using musical contexts.

We’ll also talk about how to effectively organize your practice time, ideas on what to practice, and even some warm-up exercises. As always, remember to be patient and have fun!

Are you new to Daily Practice Sessions? Read this to get the most from your experience (highly recommended!)

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