Beginner’s Journey | 6th Adventure – Strumming And Rhythm

It's time to integrate strumming, rhythm, and changing chords.  Along the way, you’ll develop a rock-solid sense of rhythm and a repertoire of strum patterns. 
· June 18, 2020

What will you learn?

  • 13 of the most useful strumming patterns for popular music.
  • Practice your new strumming patterns and “own them” using high quality Virtual Band Play-Along tracks.
  • The key to reading strumming notation so you can easily learn new patterns on your own.
  • Subtle techniques that add character and sparkle to your strumming that will make it come alive.
  • The secret to smooth strumming that grooves and flows. NO MORE stilted choppy strumming.
  • The Power of the Pendulum and why it’s the key to unlocking every strumming pattern.
  • How to develop an overall solid sense of rhythm once and for all.
  • The trick to finding the best bass notes for chords.

And much more…

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Course Includes

  • 41 Lessons

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