1-15 Sure And Steady Play-Along

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After a year of learning from various sources on youtube I thought I was ok on open chords, tone quality & transition.
Thankfully, when I joined RealGuitarSuccess I decided to take it from the absolute beginning & in doing so I discovered this lesson which is exactly what I needed to learn how to change my chords exactly on the beat, which is much more challenging than changing chords at will. I’ve a way to go at this but for me at this particular time I’m happy to put 50% of my practice into chord changing on the beat & to include a variety of chord patterns. An added bonus is working at 4/4 time to get this right will also assist me in staying in time properly.
I’m well impressed with the structured way this course is taught, I’m convinced that by following it diligently I’ll have a good foundation to become a competent guitarist. (I’m not defining ‘competent guitarist’)

Tomas (Administrator) December 7, 2021 at 5:33 pm

Hi Joe, you are describing an issue I’ve found with most self-taught guitarists that I’ve encountered. I’m glad you see the value in getting this right. It will make a huge difference in the long run.

Amazing play along after a few times over and over and over,,,, Got it.
Great job Tomas, Thank You

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