1-20 Sample Practice Routine





Here is a great sample for a practice routine. This will help you make the most of your time and keep you progressing.

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Soooooo helpful . Getting to actually write things down helps me to have better focus instead of everyday trying to see what to practice and just meandering to different areas on your website.

thank you

I actually like this. For example for me I was thinking for focus.

1. warmup

2. Strumming and cords – will work on strumming but also build calluses and also help me remember these little open cords which I used those positions in past but never new what they was so adding structure and conscious understanding to the cords so that if I ever need perhaps a cord and working in some cord progression besides just sliding or searching I can approach it more concrete as well.

3. Fretboard I saw you have a learn fretboard on here somewhere I could add a portion of that each day start out with so much practice then each day maybe add a few more frets to learn. That will help with both finding notes, building chords, improv and eventually learning other peoples music as well as building my own.

thats all I have so far its late at night as I am down here in Central time Oklahoma but start of a plan I see this as being very helpful.

Good stuff!

As i have been learning through and through, going slow and easy , a little at a time over a period of time is what has worked best for me, and the things that come a little more easier when i go back to them are only because of doing things this way.
Thank You Tomas

Tomas (Administrator) October 17, 2021 at 10:08 am

You’re welcome Rogelio. It’s good to see you working through the lessons.

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