1-14 Learn Sure And Steady – Down-Up Strum





Different strumming patterns can really make a chord progression come alive. We’ve been doing down strums only so far, but a simple change can add a lot more excitement.

I’ll show you a simple strumming pattern to get you started. We’ll also learn a new song to practice with.

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Ok this is where it does not feel natural for me and where I can improve as starting simple here and getting it down and this type of thing. I have not gotten through this jam part. I will have to do it a few times. This is still pretty strumming basic strumming and that this lesson tells me this one area that I will need to work on as I know strumming can get very complex and there is off time and different types beats and trying to play that stuff like I did in past before I have down basics is probably a reason I struggled alot on those jazz and some other songs that where not just a straight beat. So I definitely need to make sure I get these basic type things down with strumming.

Again learning the strum, changing chords, and keeping time with these short and steady lessons \ practice is really shaping up to be very effective to play with the band which is awesome….Thank You Tomas

I can do it. It was good, with the band.

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