3.3 Switching Between Barre And Open

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Finally got through this slow medium fast bar chord progression to chord progression and barcode switch progression and I’m excited, moving on.
Thank you Tomas

Tomas, absolutely great lesson! Thank you. I noticed the chord progression with the strum slashes between the measures I believe that’s how we read that anyhow that makes it so much easier to keep up and keep along with playing while you’re playing. My challenge has been not knowing the chord progression while trying to practice it so I would have to write it down and then look at it back and forth and try to keep up and play so by having it down at the bottom during the exercise really helped a lot so I’m going to suggest or recommend that you continue to make all the lessons that way because I sure made a difference and it helped a lot. Thank you so much Tomas!

Tomas (Administrator) September 28, 2022 at 5:53 pm

Hmmm… if life was only that simple 😉

It’s like putting training wheels on your bike or putting the note letters on the piano keys when learning piano.

In the short run it’s convenient. In the long run it can hold you back.

Your practice of writing out the chords is an excellent practice. I’d like to see more students do that.

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