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The Chord Switching Game

One of the first hurdles for beginner guitar players is being able to switch chords smoothly. Use this technique to progressively change chords faster and…

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Learning The Fretboard

Knowing your way around the guitar fretboard will open new levels of understanding and confidence. It helps with movable chords (as in “barre chords”) movable scales, learning songs, techniques, and generally being able to get around the guitar fretboard easily.

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Changing Keys (& Capo Magic)

Using a capo is a valuable skill.  One of the most important uses is to raise or lower the pitch of a song to make it easier to sing along. In this course module, you’ll learn the ins and out of changing keys with a capo and without a capo. The course includes several practical exercises with Play-Along tracks. You’ll also get my unique Key Change Chord Chart along with the instruction to make rapid key changes.

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Chord Magic 201 – Beyond Beginner Chords

Ready to stretch beyond the open “folk” chords? This is the next step. We’ll start off by working on “problem chords”. You’ll learn alternate ways of playing “bar chords”.
We’ll cover “Fun and Interesting Chords”, several “slash” chords, diminished chords, three note chords, Major 7 chords, “Jazzy Chords” and, my favorite, suspended chords. ** NO BAR CHORDS**

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How To Solo (Step-By-Step)

Improvising on guitar can be a lot of fun. In this course module you’ll learn the most used scale for soloing. Then you’ll learn how to combine notes from the scale with riffs and techniques to sound like a pro. You’ll apply what you’ve learned using the included Jam Tracks (like jamming with a band).

Completing this course gives you the tools to jam with Jam Tracks or a band in the style of pop, rock, and blues.

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New Flamenco Guitar Mini Course

Play the style of Spanish Guitar made famous by the Gipsy King, Ottmar Liebert and Jesse Cook (to name a few). I’ve combined the basic elements of this style into a step-by-step easy to follow course.
Get ready to catapult you into the world of exotic Rumba Flamenco Spanish guitar.

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