The Chord Switching Game

One of the first hurdles for beginner guitar players is being able to switch chords smoothly. Use this technique to progressively change chords faster and smoother. It starts with a video that explains the process. then you’ll find a number of practice sessions for different chord changes. Try it out with a chord change that isn’t as smooth as you would like it.

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Comments on The Chord Switching Game

  1. Bobbie says:

    Hi Tomas! It’s going great except for the F (barre) cord. I will keep practicing! I can do the regular F cord pretty easy…but this is somewhat difficult for me to do. I know that it will help me in the future and I will keep practicing!! Thank you!!

    1. Tomas says:

      The course “Barre Chords For Everyone” will help with that Bobbie.

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