Beginner's Journey

Step-By-Step lessons starting from scratch that will give you a solid guitar foundation to build on. Perfect for beginners or those wanting a review.

Beginner Guitar Intro

In this intro for those getting started, you’ll get valuable tips to help you learn the guitar as smoothly as possible. We’ll go on to some of the fundamentals including learning The Parts of a Guitar, the Guitar String Names, How to Hold a Guitar, How to Tune a Guitar and How to Use a Pick.

1st Adventure - Simple Chords

Let’s start off with simple chords. This will help you practice getting your fingers in the right place to make clear sounding notes. Then we’ll practice switching from one chord to another smoothly.  

2nd Adventure - Reading Tab

Time to learn tablature! Along with learning to read tablature, you’ll be working on a critical element of music… Melody. As a side benefit, you’ll continue working on getting your fingers in the right place and making beautiful sounding notes. All this will pay off tremendously in the next adventure.

3rd Adventure - The Magnificent Five

Here you’ll learn the Magnificent Five open guitar chords. We’ll apply them directly to songs and give you tips on switching smoothly and quickly. With a little practice, the Magnificent Five will provide a foundation for everything to come.

4th Adventure - Chord Vocabulary

Open up the “Chord” floodgates… we’ll focus on expanding your chord vocabulary. You’ll learn new Major and minor chords, new ways to play them, and even some tips and tricks for changing chords quickly.

5th Adventure - The 5 Most Used Keys

Moving on to new chords, new chord patterns, and some practical guitar theory thrown in the mix. Most importantly you’ll learn the most useful chords in the 5 most commonly used keys for guitar.

Barre Chords For Everyone

Don’t let your struggle with barre chords stop you from playing guitar the way you deserve. What makes “Barre Chords for Everyone” different is that it is based on my 40+ years of teaching experience and tested systematic teaching principles that guarantee results... you just follow the system.

I'll help you to break each of the movements needed into small achievable steps Then we'll put the steps back together. Step-by-step... You'll enjoy a fun journey while learning to play beautiful barre chords in no time at all.

Guitar Gym (Monthly Practice Sessions)

The Guitar Gym is the place to grow your guitar playing skills in short daily sessions. The Daily Practice Sessions will guide you through all the essential skills you need to play guitar and grow in confidence... while having fun!. Check off each session to be entered in the monthly drawing.


There are brand new sessions every weekday!

Real Guitar U

Welcome to the home of Real Guitar U (short for University).  Here you’ll find portals to a variety of lessons and tools to help you with your guitar journey. Some are multistep courses like you’ll find in the Course Modules. Others are single video lessons on very specific topics like you’ll find in the Quick Wins.

Sections include:

Quick Wins

These are shorter single video lessons on different aspects of playing guitar.
For example, you’ll find a lesson on Strumming Smoothly Using A Pick, or The Basics of Using A Capo.
You can sort the lessons by topic and level.

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Course Modules

Multi-lesson courses on different guitar skills and styles.
Some of the lessons, like Bar Chord Boot Camp, are step by step. Others, like 14 Classic Guitar Licks, are not in a particular order.
You can sort the lessons by topic and level.

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Practice Library

Includes selected sessions from the monthly Practice Plans organized by subject.

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RGS Live

A collection of recordings of the monthly RGS Live sessions. They can be sorted by subject.

You can also find the date of the next session and submit a question.

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A collection of song lessons. Includes fingerstyle lessons (guitar solos) as well as strumming. 

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RGS Master Library

Here you find all the Quick Wins, Course Modules and RGS Live sessions in one place. This way you can sort and see all lesson on a particular subject.

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Community Forum

This is the perfect place to ask musical questions and connect with others on the path. I also respond to every question or request. There are three sections:

Introduce Yourself

Please take a few moments to introduce yourself and tell us a little about where you're at with your journey. This makes it easier for both others and myself to give encouragement and feedback.

Help/General Discussion

This is the heart of the forum. It's the perfect place to give and get feedback about aspects of learning that's not about a specific lesson. Or maybe you just want to shoot the breeze with others who can relate what you're going through.

The Stage

This is a place to show what you're working on or ready to share with others. It's become fairly easy to record your playing with your phone, uploaded to YouTube and add a link for others to celebrate with you.

Overview of the Four Main Areas of RGS