RGS Live #80 | Q&A –Is it okay to learn two different styles at once?


Your queries do more than just help you with your guitar struggles. Many guitarists are affected by the very same issues you encounter, so your questions are important for the guitar-learning community, everyone can benefit!

We got into it pretty quickly with the pre-submitted questions and later on, I addressed any live questions. We talked about many cool subjects such as the best way to learn a fingerstyle guitar song, what strings to use on your guitar if you already use steel strings, adding drone (pedal tones) to a descending chord progression, when to know if you use open or barre chords, and much more!

Be sure to join us next month on Thursday, April 4th, 2024 at 12 pm PDT / 3 pm EDT. Save this link to your calendars to mark the date!

For More help with Drone (Pedal Tones):

To add a pedal tone to a descending chord progression, you can use the root note of the first chord in the progression. For example, if your chord progression is C-G-Am-F, you could use the root note of the C chord, which is C, as your pedal tone. You would then play the C note throughout the entire progression, even as the other chords change.
Another option is to use the fifth note of the first chord in the progression as your pedal tone. For example, in the C-G-Am-F progression, you could use the fifth note of the C chord, which is G, as your pedal tone.
You can also experiment with using other notes as your pedal tone. For example, you could try using the third note of the first chord, or the seventh note of the first chord.
Ultimately, the best way to choose a pedal tone is to experiment and see what sounds good to you. There are no hard and fast rules, so feel free to get creative.

Additional tips:
  • Make sure that the pedal tone is in the same key as the other chords in the progression.
  • Try playing the pedal tone in different octaves.
  • Experiment with different rhythms for the pedal tone.
  • Use the pedal tone to create tension and release in your music.

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