RGS Live #72 | Q&A – How to Get Bar Finger to Lay Flat?


Welcome to the RGS Live Replay! We talked about playing barre chords properly, some guitar theory topics like the key of a song and why the I-IV-V is Major, how to use a capo, and also about my Beginner Spanish Guitar course launching soon!

We hope to see you again next month on Thursday, August 3rd, same time same place (12 pm PDT/ 3 pm PDT). Click here to bookmark that next live session!

Links Mentioned:


Recommended Guitar Books:

Looking through my guitar theory books most are focused on electric guitar and improvising.


  • Ted Greene — Chord Chemistry – This helped me increase my chord vocabulary. There may be better books for this now but it’s what I had at the time.
  • Reading Studies for Guitar – This helped me learn to sight read standard notation on the guitar. Still a great series of exercises for anyone serious about reading music on guitar and willing to put in the regular practice.


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