RGS Live #72 | Q&A – How to Get Bar Finger to Lay Flat?


Welcome to the RGS Live Replay! I apologize for the technical problems we had at the beginning of the session, but once they were quickly resolved we got right into all of the

questions you all had. We talked about playing barre chords properly, some guitar theory topics like the key of a song and why the I-IV-V are Major, how to use a capo, and also about my Beginner Spanish Guitar course launching soon!

We hope to see you again next month on Thursday August 3rd, same time same place (12 pm PDT/ 3 pm PDT). Click here to bookmark that next live session!

Links Mentioned:


Recommended Guitar Books:

Looking through my guitar theory books most are focused on electric guitar and improvising.


  • Ted Greene — Chord Chemistry – This helped me increase my chord vocabulary. There may be better books for this now but it’s what I had at the time.
  • Reading Studies for Guitar – This helped me learn to sight read standard notation on the guitar. Still a great series of exercises for anyone serious about reading music on guitar and willing to put in the regular practice.


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