Real Guitar Live #58 | Q & A Session


Some really great questions came up in this RGS live Q&A Session! We talked about how to find the chords to go with a song you are composing, how to strum better on the upstroke, how to hit the strings better when playing scales with a pick, and how to play chord changes cleaner, and faster, plus many more!

I know a lot of you may have similar questions in mind and that the answers to these fantastic questions will probably help a lot of you improve your own guitar playing.

Thank you to all of you who made it to the latest RGS Live Q&A, and for those of you who were not able to make it this time around, I welcome you to join us for the next session on Thursday, June 2nd, @ 12 pm PT. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you don’t miss out on any free lessons, tips, and exercises that I provide each week.

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