Real Guitar Live #52 | Q & A – Sore Fingers?

Join John Gilliat (guitarist and teacher extraordinaire) and myself, your host, Tomas Michaud for Real Guitar Live #52 Q & A session.

What’s this session about?

“My fingers are killing me! I’ve been playing for 2 years. I thought my fingertips should be over this hurting phase… Shouldn’t they? ” This is a comment from a student. I’ve heard it often and I know it can be frustrating.

There are many ways to prevent and relieve painful fingers. However, there’s one underrated solution that strikes at the core. Even better, It makes switching chords easier, protects your guitar fretboard, and prevents long-term problems with your hands.

In this lesson, you’ll learn the one habit that almost all budding guitarists fall prey to that creates the “painful finger syndrome”. Then I’ll show you a tried-and-true method to overcome it and make playing the guitar easier and more fun.

When we’re done we’ll open the discussion to all your guitar learning questions.


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