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    Hi Thomas

    I am trying to play along to Summer Love but cannot watch your chord changes and play at the same time. As a result I am always left straggling along.

    I love your personality and enthusiasm which helps keep me motivated even when things are not going well.

    Is there a tab sheet and a backing track available?

    Thanks. Steve in Malaga


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    I’m not working on it currently but I ran into the same challenge  Steve. I,d accept the tab or music also.




    Hi Steve and Jack,

    I’m sure I could do something about that.

    Let me know where it is (I currently have over 600 videos) I’ll see what I can do.

    A URL (web address) would be easiest if you could copy it from your browser.





    Hi Tomas and Jack

    It’s always good to know that I am not alone. I have been learning now for 5 weeks and cannot keep up with the speed of some of the videos. Chord diagrams and a tab would be really useful with these early videos.

    What I do is replay them over and over again trying to see where Tomas has his fingers and what order he plays the chords.

    I sort of get there in the end.

    This is the video:

    p.s. Enjoying the process…

    Play-Along: Summer Love



    Hi again,

    Thanks for URL.. that was perfect.

    There is a workbook with the chords at

    It’s Workbook #5… includes chords, TAB and the strum.

    Almost all exercises (except ear training) have study sheets or workbooks. Since you’re not the first to ask I realize that I need to make it easier to find them.

    I’ll work at a better system for this. On the new Practice Plan (new one coming Thursday) I put the study sheet above each lesson. But since these workbooks have the entire section that wouldn’t work.

    I have some ideas (put a text/link below the video reminding students where to find the workbook). Let me know if you have any other ideas.

    Thanks again Steve.


    Rapid Learning System 101 – Chords And Strums



    Thomas, I just got to this same spot – and had the same need to see the chords written down.

    The previous lesson you had introduced us to the G-Em-C-D (I-vi-IV-V) progression, but in the next lesson you jumped into a new one, evidently G-C-D (I-IV-V) – actually I-IV-V-IV, but it wasn’t immediately obvious what you were doing.

    Fortunately I remembered seeing this post, and found the music in the Workbook 5.

    Thanks, DaveJay



    Cool… the forum is working 🙂

    I’ve added buttons on the lessons to get to the workbook downloads.

    Let me know if this helps… or if you have any ideas how to make it more user friendly.

    Thanks, Tomas


    I haven’t looked at ,but it sounds like a plan ……. Help the old people


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