Rapid Learning System 101 – Chords And Strums

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Play-Along Backing Tracks

Here’s the Play-Along audio tracks I use in this course. You can either play them directly from your browser or download them using the download link in the upper right hand corner of the play box.

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Comments on Rapid Learning System 101 – Chords And Strums

  1. kishankt123 says:

    Also I saw u using pick for finger picking alternating with strumming. A Little hard for me to use a pick to ring the string individually..I am more comfortable with fingers. Any suggestions?

    1. Tomas says:

      The fingers are fine.

  2. kishankt123 says:

    It was hectic Year for me, didn’t spend much time before, now I am retired, trying to spend more time now. This course was excellent for a beginner like me, enjoyed the muting technique very much. The song summer Love was a little hard for me, background band was louder. Qn to you..is it ok to usage back of my fingers instead of my palm?

    1. Tomas says:

      I’m glad to hear you’re spending more time with the guitar.

      By the way… You’re working through a series that is meant to be fast-paced. You may want to try the Beginner’s Journey series. You can do both. I made the Beginner’s Journey more recently because I found that this RLS series moved a bit fast for some people. That said they also have different materials and they can complement each other. You might just want to explore let me know what you think.

      I do quite a bit of instruction at the beginning of using tab. Towards the fourth and fifth Adventures there’s some really good chord material that will help you learn about different keys.

      Not sure what you mean by the back of your fingers instead of your palm. As a side note, It helps if you ask questions about specific techniques right under the lesson so I can refer to it.

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