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    Tomas asked me to post a picture of my practice notebooks.

    In the first notebook I write out my monthly plan. At the beginning of each month I make a listing of what I want to focus on.

    In the second notebook I have written out the chords and scales for my ‘key of the month’. And I practice the I – IV -V etc of the key as well as associated scales.

    I don’t practice everything equally but this gives me a plan and specific items I need to work-on for the month.

    I am curious if others do something similar.



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    Hello John

    Well, I am really very much impressed that this is possible. How can you be so structured? This is amazing I must say. You are without any doubt an example to me. Let me see whether I can learn something from this.



    This is awesome John. You are an inspriation. Thank you!


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    Thanks Sissel and Thomas.

    It is just my way of learning and for me it adds to the fun and keeps me directed.

    I hope you find some benefit in the format.

    Best Wishes




    Very nice. I miss paper I use to do everything in notebooks. Perhaps I should again. My practice thing is not done yet I been trying to get the beginner stuff and bar chords out of the way as most of it I don’t need as I’m a returning player but I pick up small tips and tricks and also gets me to thinking and helps create new ideas and such.

    For now I just have the following in notepadd++ on my pc and I also have a picture of the circle of 5ths with info wrote on it that I keep open on my second monitor.

    I am missing alot of topics below and can mainly see that everything I do is coordination building and building strength and calluses and stuff.

    I definitely need to get the plan completed lol… to fair it has only been 10 days I came back.

    I am able to play alot so about 8 hours or more a day during most these 10 days has been doing guitar and music stuff. Which enabled me to have very hard calluses already on day 10 but I had to play through pain the first 7 days so was not easy. So thats my cruddy practice routine so far.


    (I Warm Up)

    1. Chromatic Scale up and down fretboard.

    2. Major 7th Arpeggio Exercise up and down neck.

    3. Ralph Machio classical piece from movie cross roads where they have guitar duel at end. Comprised of arpeggios that span entire neck. – note one of these years find out keys and type of arpeggios its built from. (play this 2-10 times a day its pretty advanced and I had to change and create some new portions as I only have 20 frets on Taylor acoustic not the 24 and one note at 30 that is in tab)

    (II Learning Notes on Fretboard)

    1. Six & 5th string focus

    2. use five minute technique for each note between first and 12 fret up and down starting on six string. (currently on A,B,C)

    (III Picking:)

    (Finger Picking:)

    (IV Bar Chords)

    1. Power Chord Bar 6 & 5th string up and down neck to the octave. For Major, minor, 7th, and minor 7th

    2. Lessons Song- Play-Along With “Loving The Change” very tough pace to make changes from open chord to bar chord.

    (V Strumming)

    (VI Right Hand Techniques)

    (Ear Training:)

    (Theory Training)

    no daily stuff on this I just been looking up stuff as I need it or get confused on something.


    Learning House of Rising Sun to play and sing.




    This is great Brian. If you have time (and haven’t already started it) I’d recommend going through this course along with your current routine:

    That said, learning the notes on the 5th and 6th strings is the right first step. All the patterns I explain build off that foundation.

    Fretboard Logic



    Hi Tomas,

    I did that complete series of yours and use the foundation of that for every morning as well. I had it listed as 6th and 5th string which I know completely now and I have also added the 4rth string as well.

    Loved the octave trick and now I cheat all time by using it as I cannot help but see it once I learned it.

    Great lesson and much recommended!!!

    P.S. I went to the application/websites you have listed on your site last night and saved them to my favorites and it also has a keyboard learning game as well as that awesome chord generator and scale generator!!!! So thanks for that as well!

    7 Essential Free Resources For Learning Guitar

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