7 Essential Free Resources For Learning Guitar

Sometimes words have a big impact. One phrase that has really stuck with me over the years is "you can't pay someone to do your push-ups for you". I guess you can't pay someone to practice or learn guitar for you either.

But there are some great tools and lessons available to help you learn and practice guitar. Here are seven of the best that I've found so far. I hope that you’ll find them incredibly useful on your guitar learning adventure.


The Real Guitar Practice Diary

Did you know you’re more likely to practice if you keep a practice diary? In addition, practicing regularly is one of the biggest factors to successfully learning guitar.

You can download a copy of my Real Guitar Practice Diary that I use with students. This will give you a place to organize what you want to practice ahead of time and to track your progress. This will not only keep you focused but will help keep you motivated as you look back on what you’ve accomplished.

Bonus: Here's a lesson on how to organize your practice sessions to get the most out of them… The Perfect Guitar Practice Session for Beginners


100+ Songs You Can Play With Only 2 or 3 Chords

There is an amazing amount of popular songs that use only two or three chords. Why not start off learning songs with a few chords instead of struggling with more complex songs?

This list of 100+ Songs You Can Play With Only 2 or 3 Chords from various genres includes a link to YouTube videos so you can hear what the song sounds like.

One way to use this list of might be to find the songs that you like, then search YouTube for a lesson on how to play them. You can also search the internet to find the lyrics and chords as well.


Online Metronome

Every student should have a metronome. I have several mechanical and electronic metronomes throughout my house, but sometimes it’s most convenient to use an online version when I’m practicing at my computer.

Here’s a great Online Metronome that works flawlessly… and is easy to use. Oh… and did I mention it’s free.

Bonus: Here’s a video lesson on How to Use A Metronome for Guitar Practice


Barre Chord Chart


Fretboard Note Identification Game

Want to read music on the guitar? Here’s a fun way to learn the notes on the fretboard. This Fretboard Note Identification Game gives you a note on an image of the guitar fretboard… Your job is to press the right button to name the note. Wrong answer gets a red flash… correct answer gets a green one.

In addition it will start a timer and let you try to beat your previous time to get a number of the answers correct. A little competition with yourself never hurt.

Play this game for a short time each day and little by little you’ll find it easier to look at the fretboard and immediately name the note.


Online Chord Calculator

Sometimes when you’re trying to learn a song you just need a quick and easy way to find the fingering for a chord. This Online Chord Calculator fits the bill perfectly.

I was impressed at how easy it was to use. I also was gratified to see the quantity of chord fingerings it produced for one chord at different positions on the fretboard. This is really helpful to find the version of the chord that best fits the other chords in the song.

I’m not ready to toss out my copy of 7,488 Guitar Chords (book) yet, but this online chord calculator is now my go to resource for finding the right chord for the right situation. I’ll bet it will be yours too.


Guitar Scale Generator

Are you practicing your scales? Scales can be an important part of a balanced guitar practice schedule.

With this Guitar Scale Generator you can whip up the fingering to any common scale (and some not so common) at the touch of a button. Just input the type of scale you want, the key center (C, D, E, etc.) , and where on the fretboard you want to start. In less than a few seconds it will pop out a fingering diagram for you to practice.

No more excuses! Time to practice them scales.

Tomas Michaud

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