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    Hello everyone.  I had the opportunity to hear a guitarist named Jesse Cook. That guy is just awesome and the music is very beautiful. I have come to learn that he plays flamenco. I was wondering about me progressing into flamenco. Should I already be good at fingerstyle first?  Would you say that there are pre-requisites to taking a journey down that road? I’d say st best right now I’m a novice with fingerstyle guitar. Your thoughts and wisdom are appreciated

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    Hey… Jesse Cook… one of my favorites.

    Not quite traditional Flamenco but what some call Rumba Flamenco (referring to the specific rhythm used) or Nouveau Flamenco (coined by the guitarist Ottmar Liebert).

    No need to be good at fingerstyle first… but you will need bar chords.

    Try out the course included here on real Guitar Success New Flamenco Guitar Mini Course:

    The Rumba rhythm is a main component of this style. You’ll get an idea of what you’re up for and can decide if you’re ready.


    I have an entire separate course on this style, but I’d try the shorter sampling course that’s included first.

    New Flamenco Guitar Mini Course

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