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    I’m very new – I’ve been taking some lessons with a local teacher since December, practicing at least 6 days a week, usually 7. I’m happy to have discovered Tomas’ program, and am working my way slowly through the Beginner’s Journey.

    I read music (and played sax and clarinet when I was much younger), and my teacher started me off learning notes – which I’m enjoying, though she said for me to start learning some chords. I love the way the Beginner’s Journey walks slowly through them, as I toughen my fingertips and practice switching. Knowing some notes means that I remember the simpler chords by the notes that comprise them.

    Now I’m looking at the Daily Practice Session tools, and am confused about when I should use them, in addition to the Beginner’s Journey. Some of the things look too advanced for a total newbie like me. How should a Beginner on the Journey structure effective practice? There are so many great tools on the site, but it can be overwhelming figuring out what to use when. Many thanks!

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    The short answer is that for most people it works better to complete The Beginners Journey, then start doing the daily practice sessions.

    If you’d like to know more read on…

    There are two types of learning: Step By Step and Integrative (also known as Immersion in the language learning world). The Daily Practice Sessions (DPS) are an Integrative Learning System and the heart of RGS.

    However, with adults it’s best to have a foundation of basic skills first. This is best done with a step-by-step approach. The Beginners Journey and several other courses provide the step-by-step method to complement the DPS and help students learn a variety of skills in an organized systematic way.

    You can learn more about the DPS and the method here.

    Coming soon: I’m working on a video that will provide more understanding about the two methods of learning. I also will dive in to why they are both essential, and how I’ve developed RGS over the past 10 years to provide both in a supportive and entertaining (hopefully) way

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