Real Guitar Live #52 | Q & A – Sore Fingers?

Join John Gilliat (guitarist and teacher extraordinaire) and myself, your host, Tomas Michaud for Real Guitar Live #52 Q & A session.What’s this session about?“My fingers are killing me! I’ve been playing for 2 years. I thought my fingertips should be over this hurting phase… Shouldn’t they? ” This is a comment from a student. I’ve heard it often and I know it can be frustrating.There are many ways to prevent and relieve painful fingers. However there’s one underrated solution that strikes at the core. Even better, It makes switching chords easier, protects your guitar fretboard, and prevents long-term problems with your hands. In this lesson, you’ll learn the one habit that almost all budding guitarists fall prey to that creates the “painful finger syndrome”. Then I’ll show you a tried-and-true method to overcome it and make playing the guitar easier and more fun. When we’re done we’ll open the discussion to all your guitar learning questions.

[03:10] How long should it take for my fingers to stop hurting from playing the guitar?

[17:52] Do you have any advice on strategies to help students to persevere and become successful guitar players? What are the pitfalls that new students need to be aware of from the start and how can they be overcome?

[23:42] What makes a dominant 7th chord, and what is the difference between them and major 7th chords?

[31:47] Do you have any tips for muting strings and chords?

[39:45] How do I stay focused when playing guitar?

[43:24] Do you have a songwriting course?

[43:52] How long is too long to work on a fingerstyle song to learn?

[45:50] What is the best way to learn to sing and play the guitar?

[49:03] What techniques should an intermediate guitar player learn to become advanced?

[51:25] What is a good way to use power chords for songs and use them to make your own chord progression?

[57:00] I have some difficult chords that I can’t identify around the 7-10th frets. How do I identify the chord and find an easier chord until I can play the more difficult chord faster?

[59:40] Are the strings on a Parlor size guitar different from the strings on a full-size guitar?

[01:02:17] What scales should a beginner start with?

[01:04:10] How can I mute some strings when playing fingerstyle?

[01:08:38] What do you suggest to get harder fingernails?

[01:12:55] Can I practice playing guitar while laying down in bed or sitting in a chair?


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