Real Guitar Live #51 | Q & A – Switching Chords Faster

Get your guitar questions answered! I also use this session to give some deeper instruction on different aspects of playing guitar like switching chords faster, strumming using your fingers, barre chords, using a capo as a beginner, and more!

[01:43] How to Change Chords Smoothly

[16:25] Exercises for barre chords

[23:33] How to get started on barre chords? Are there exercises to make your hands stronger?

[26:35] What’s the advantage of a 12 string acoustic guitar over a regular 6 string?

[30:00] If I have a melody in my head, how can I find the right chords for my melody?

[34:15] How do you strum using your fingers?

[38:10] How many hours should I practice guitar every day to become a master guitar player?

[41:25] Is strumming with a pick a combination of slightly twisting the wrist and moving the arm when you strum?

[42:53] Do you know of any easy jazz chords or simple progression I could mess around with for fun?

[45:37] I’ve traded in a slightly bigger guitar for a slightly smaller one. Now I am having trouble with the A chord. Is the smaller guitar responsible, or me?

[49:30] What is a good warm-up exercise when starting to playpractice, and how long should we warm-up for?

[51:18] Will a capo benefit a beginner?

[53:30] What is the easiest way to memorize scale patterns and recollect while playing? What is the best way to recognize notes?

[59:23] Do you have any suggestions as to the string gauge such as light or medium for a beginner guitarist especially moving to barre chords?

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– Chord Magic 201 – Beyond Beginner Chords

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