Real Guitar Live #45 | Q & A Session

· March 5, 2021

Every month I do a Live Q & A session to cover any guitar questins that you might have. This month I answered questions about speed, guitar strings, improvisation, and more!

[03:10] Can a pickup that I buy separately and attach to the guitar be used instead of buying a guitar that comes with one installed by the factory? Will the sound be comparable?

[09:08] When playing a B major barre chord (A-Shape) form I know that ideally mute the high E string. Is it also true when moving it up a half step to play the C major chord should I also mute the high E string?

[10:46] How do I get my pinky finger on my fretting hand to stop following my ring finger?16:04 Why not find a song you like that has a skill or multiple skills you want to achieve and practice the skill whilst learning the song?

[21:25] What do I need to learn to play lead guitar more efficiently?

[27:20] When I play the Cadd9 or the G chord my left ring finger and pinky bend backward on the 3rd fret, 1st, and 2nd strings. Can you recommend any exercises to help overcome this issue?

[32:15] What is the best brand for a guitar and/or guitar strings?

[37:05] How do I increase speed while playing scales on guitar?

[42:40] When playing lead guitar, like improvising over a backing track, how important is speed?

[44:34] What specifications should I check out when buying a guitar?

[46:00] How many repetitions of a particular skill (learning new chords, chord changes, scales, etc.) are needed until muscle memory takes over?

[50:28] How can I know when I’ve reached my limits in a particular area?

[53:15] How many songs should I try to learn at a time?

[56:30] Can you explain the composition of a chord and is there a formula behind it?

[58:34] Are there exercises that deliver the most “Bang for the Buck” for Barre Chords?

[01:00:27] Any tips for someone who is “scared” to play around and improvise?

[01:04:43] With chords involving my index finger my finger naturally goes sideways rather than the tip hitting the fretboard. Is this OK?

[01:06:37] How often should I be changing strings?

[01:08:57] How do I go from playing chords to playing songs?

[01:14:27] What is the youngest age that a child can learn to play ukulele?

[1:16:55] How long does it take the strings to settle in?

[01:19:08] Should a child learn to play the ukulele before the guitar?


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