Real Guitar Live #44 | Q & A Session

During this month’s live Q &A session, I answered questions like How to find strumming in songs?, Can you provide any tips for practicing transition between D and B minor bar chord?, Any ideas on a particular starter guitar?, and more!

[03:27] My problem right now is picking the right strings.  If I watch what my right hand is doing, then I screw up with the finger position on the neck.  If I’m watching my left hand, then I pick the wrong string.  Any advice?

[5:49] Playing for the last 9 months and progress is completely halted. Can’t play any songs normally. Any advice?

[9:19] One of the techniques used in improvisation is “bending”. Can it be done successfully on an acoustic guitar and could you demonstrate how to do it?

[11:25] I want to spice up my improvisation and add some triads. If I don’t know what chords are being used in the track but only what the key is, is there any way of knowing which triads will work?

[15:49] Can you recommend an acoustic/electric under $800.00? Also, does the baby or 3/4 guitars sound as rich as the big ones if I were to buy a good one at the $800 price point?

[22:41] If you are participating in the monthly practice sessions, how do you leave the plan, go elsewhere on the site and return?

[24:08] The scale of C has 7 distinctive pitches C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. What do you call these 7 distinctive pitches?

[25:02] Why are we focused on the Major and Minor Triads only?

[25:54] In singing, Do-Re-Me-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do….. is it only applicable to Scale of C?

[27:28] My granddaughter wants me to teach her to play guitar. She’s 8. Any ideas on a particular starter guitar? What do I start teaching her?

[29:12] After tuning the open strings I find that some of these notes on other parts of the neck are slightly out of tune. How far do you need to go with this? I just want to make sure I’m doing it right.

[32:20] I really enjoy the lessons with the backing tracks. Is there a catalog of backing tracks on your website? (I haven’t seen it) Something that might be useful for members of RGS

[33:14] apart from just practicing and practicing until your hand bleeds, are there any techniques you can give for barre chords?

[33:14] Have you heard of a D. Catala Guitarras model G050 guitar? Mine is probably 50 years old. What type of guitar is it. It has nylon strings.

[38:17] Can you provide any tips for practicing transition between D and B minor bar chord?

[45:10] How to find strumming in songs?

[48:03] Do you think that learning both instruments (guitar and bass guitar) is compatible?


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