Real Guitar Live #43 | Q & A

Check out this month’s live Q & A session where I answered questions like How come an F# is played rather than an F in the G major scale?, When do I play chords vs. single notes?, What size strings should I use if I have fat fingertips?, and more!

[02:22] When I play with the backing tracks, I’m having difficulties keeping an eye on the tablature and my fingers at the same time. Should I look at the tablature or at the fretboard?

[5:40] How come an F# is played rather than an F in the G major scale?

[10:33] How do you explain C major chord having to play C-E-G and then for E minor having to play E-G-B. How are these guitar chords defined using these same semitones?

[13:21] In the Key of C, will there be ever a D major chord? Likewise in the Key of G will there ever be a D minor chord?

[15:50] I find a lot of trouble with the Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs. Is there any good exercise to practice daily in order to learn these techniques?

[18:22] I was at an intermediate level before but haven’t touched the guitar in 3 years. I would like to start playing again but honestly don’t know where to start.  Part of what stops me is knowing the pain my fingers will go through and how awful I will be.

[22:57] I am using light gauge strings and when I hammer a chord I’m hearing a buzz. Should I go to a medium gauge or will that be harder to play chords?

[27:43] If you know the chords to a song and the melody, how can you arrange that into a fingerstyle?

[32:36] What chords should be committed to memory vs. learned as needed?  Any advice? Currently, I am trying to learn the A-G major, A-G minor and A-G 7th chords. Is this appropriate?

[37:11] One item I am not finding on your site are chord charts for the chords we are learning. I use them like flashcards in a spelling bee. Is this perhaps something that I should NOT be doing?

[40:38] The picking hand is the problem.  I hold the pick between my thumb and the pad of my first finger. Lately I am getting pain in  the part of the palm below the thumb. Am I holding  the pick too tight? Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

[44:57] The biggest challenge I am having strumming. It looks simple when I watch tutorials, but when I  try it sounds twangy. I am using a thin to medium pick. When I do  an upstrum should I just strum the lower strings?

[49:10] What can triads a.k.a baby chords be used for? Can they replace a full chord in a progression that has a really hard-to-play chord, like E flat?  Can they be integrated with improvisation together with riffs? Are there any other interesting uses for them?

[51:20] When do I play chords vs. single notes?

[52:05] Do you have any advice for beginners that want to learn electric guitar?

[53:51] What size strings should I use if I have fat fingertips?

[55:03] How do I stretch my fingers to play wide chords if I have short fingers?

[56:38] How do you feel about alternate picking for a beginner practicing with the Speed Developer exercise? Note from Tomas: I made a mistake when answering this question. I meant to say economy picking instead of hybrid picking.

[58:23] Should I put new strings on my electric guitar for the first time by myself?

[01:00:12] My fingers are stiff and short. What should I do?

[01:02:41] Should I play barre chords on an acoustic guitar?

[01:04:08] What pick should I use?

[01:07:10] Economy picking (NOT hybrid picking)

[01:10:13] What is the best left-hand positioning?

[01:12:25] Do you play any reel or jig? 

[01:12:37] How do I play a fast guitar solo?

[01:14:41] What is a good strum pattern for the song “Take Me Home Country Roads?”


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