Lesson #8

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After a daily profound study of the New Flamenco Guitar Mini Course since 6th of August I have learned:
-3 variations of Flamenco strummings (lessons 1-8, Bonus 1 and Bonus 4) à la Gipsy King, Ottmar Liebert… (checked on internet because I didn’t know them)
-2 Flamenco chord progressions:
1. Bm, A, G, F# (lessons 1-8)
2. Dm, Cadd2, Gm6, A (Bonus 3)
-1 Flamenco scale where I put the notes on, how should I else repeat them in my head? (Bonus 2)
open E, F, G#,
open A, B, C,
open D, E, F,
G#, A,
open B, C, D
open E, F, G# and backwards
I feel very proud of this new way of learning music. I wouldn’t have imagined it possible if I hadn’t been forced to because of my hand and arm who don’t want to do what I wish them to do.
But I will continu my guitar study!
Thanks Tomas!

In the Bonus New Flamenco Guitar Chord Progression in Dm at 3:21 you should say “the third finger on the third string in stead of fourth string”. That is what I see you doing. And when I am trying it on the guitar my ear confims it as well.

Tomas (Administrator) September 4, 2023 at 6:06 pm

Thanks Sissel.

As there is no space in the bonus Rumba Flamenco workshop to write down a comment I write it down here.
My right hand is rather bad at this moment, so I am not able to strum or play arpeggio. I decided to play “dry” and it helps very much even though I can’t hear a sound. And it isn’t so bad to learn playing immaginating in your head what you would do on the guitar if you had the possibility.

Tomas (Administrator) August 19, 2023 at 2:39 pm

Wow… that’s interesting, Sissel. I was reading a book about how pro golfers do something like that.

Not my idea, Tomas. Read a story about some athletic ladies who had to face a big championship in “water-ballett” (?). One of them got sick and couldn’t exercise for a long time fysically but decided to follow the exercises in her head. So each day she stayed exercising mentally for hours. When she finally recovered she still could participate in the tournoy and, guess what, they won gold!
So why should this not be possible in other disciplines?
On beforehand it is surely not so funny imaginating yourself sitting there playing guitar dryly/silently. But I already may feel bonus by doing it, because I am forced to learn the movements by heart in place by ear.
Of course strumming movements with the right hand are easier to imaginate than chords you have to form with the left fingers on the that special string on that definite fret ecc. As I am more a “do-er” than a “thinker”, this way of doing develops now my think-capacity. Very positive!

Tomas (Administrator) September 4, 2023 at 6:06 pm

That make sense to me.

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