Lesson #6

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This lesson is great because one suddenly reaches something nice to listen to. Even though you are making the background.

Tomas (Administrator) August 7, 2023 at 2:48 pm

I’ll expand on the Rumba strumming technique in the new course.

Great Tomas, I wate with patience.

In the meantime I exercise, without muting, this strumming and I really appreciate this kind of backing track to those you give in your daily guitar gym.

Here one can see you whereas in the backing track from nowadays one only hears music and one doesn’t see anybody. Is so anonym and cold. Here one feels making music together.

At this point I nearly reach playing perfectly the strumming without being too much disorientated by your musical presence. The fingerpicking version of this song I reach by myself, not yet possible accompanying your playing.

And today I could add the mute movement. What a joy. Each day practice of 15 minutes brings result, so unperfect it also seems to be.

The chord progression with muting is now smoothly going over the strings. My husband felt in “concert” listening to the chord progression.
Whereas in the melody I still have a problem with the last “ding dong” (before coming to the beginning of the melody). One must be very fast and trained to get it over the strings in time before one starts again at the beginning of the melody.

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