Monthly Practice Plan – January 2023

Happy New year! We are so excited about 2023 and looking forward to accompanying you on this beautiful journey of learning guitar and becoming a better musician.

To kick the New Year off, we have compiled several lessons and exercises that will keep developing several aspects of guitar playing. From alternate picking to arpeggio exercises, we bring a variety of techniques that will keep you busy in January.

We will also work on your ear training with our traditional by copy play exercises, and keep developing your theory knowledge with intervals and scales. We also touch on concepts like modulation and how to improvise, to round off this month’s lessons.

As always, go slow at first and take your time. Remember to have fun in the process. Here’s to a great New Year!

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Comments on Monthly Practice Plan – January 2023

  1. Diane says:

    Now I understand I should go to practice sessions everyday instead of lessons. So much fun. Looking forward to February!

  2. Dan says:

    Interesting and challenging month of practice sessions! Thank you for the variety. Most I completed fine, but a couple were tough for me–one I never did get!

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