2 – G Minor Pentatonic Scale – 1 Octave

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My download sheet for lesson 2 was the Pentatonic Exercise….not the one octave Gm Pentatonic Scale. Watching the video lesson tho…I figured it out anyway! I am starting year 3 with Real Guitar lessons, Tomas, and am so glad there are repeats of topics all along the way. I have learned so much, and am a better guitar player than I ever was as a kid, plus understand music theory, changing keys, etc. much better too!
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Tomas (Administrator) January 5, 2022 at 5:33 pm

Thank you, Patricia. I’m glad to hear that and I appreciate you telling me. And thanks for the heads up on the download. I’ve corrected the TAB.

great to keep on learning new scales, looking forward to apply this G minor pentatonic scale to a play along.

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