Monthly Practice Plan – December 2021

December is here and we’re already looking forward to 2022, while remaining grateful for 2021. In this final month of 2021 we bring you lessons to close the year with a bang! We have everything from Beatles riffs that work on your dexterity to minor scales to further develop your technique and depth as a musician. 

In this month, we will go over not only how to play certain things, but the theory behind it. This is important because understanding what you are doing will help make sense of many concepts that will benefit your playing in the long run. 

Please keep in mind that being a good guitar player goes well beyond playing. The best ones truly understand what they are doing on the instrument from a theoretical perspective, and then some. Like always, the best is to go slow but steady. 

Happy holidays to all of you and we look forward to accompanying you in your guitar learning journey for next year as well. 

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Comments on Monthly Practice Plan – December 2021

  1. Rogelio - RO says:

    My first month of doing all the lessons for the whole month and I have noticed an improvement in my practice in my technique in my playing and it’s great my biggest challenge is getting and staying motivated to practice thank you I really enjoy it everything I have learned in December looking forward to January happy New Year everyone

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