14 – Pomp & Style [FS]

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really great lesson \ practice to work on switching chords, learning chord progression, learning this new picking pattern, which is not really a picking pattern therefore, im calling it “The Domino”, however will give it some more thought.
Thank you

Two comments Terminology…. I have used it many times The only term I have ever heard Tomas is ‘Arpeggiation’. The specific technique is dictated by the duration of the notes being played.
You already knew the last part 🙂
OK guys Your first knuckle is the driving force the second just finishes the stroke, don’t pluck the strings with your nails, get some flesh on the string and drive through the strings.
This will increase your sound quality. There is a lot more, hand position, hand position and hand position this will at least get you started.
There’s probably find info on the net google ‘classical guitar right hand technique’.
sorry to but in, but I do know this stuff.

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