Lesson 8 – Building Fretboard Confidence




If you know the notes on the 6th string then you already know the notes on the 1st string. They’re the same! This last pattern uses the 1st string as a reference to find notes on the 3rd string. 

This is a new way to visualize the fretboard. You’ll find that visualizing the fretboard helps you “see” these octaves without having to think about it.

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I trying to add these to morning before work practice.

Tune guitar

then start out with the 1,2,3,4 on big 1st string all way to high E on 6th string and I do this all way up to the 12th fret (on acoustic) If I had electric I would do it all way up to my reach.

Then I start naming the notes on the Big E first string up to 12 fret First the main notes then the sharps and then back down for the flats. Then same on 5th string A (probably will add third string into that in a few weeks if those strings get to easy and work my way down).

Next I jump into the Octave that are listed here. I kept forgetting the special patterns 2,3 downloaded those videos that I can look at in morning.

Then I do some strumming of some of the cords for my strumming and chord fingering not a long time a few minutes.

Thats my morning practice routine so far.

I always tried to do something like this in past though did not really have pattern 2, and 3 imprinted in my mind though I think I used pattern 3 sometimes unconsciously when I was just jamming or playing because that octave sounded good.

These are awesome lessons for anyone that plays regardless of level appreciate the good content!

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