#3 Creating Your First One

Now that we’ve talked about the general criteria for each of the sections let’s get into some specifics.

There are many places you can draw from in the Real Guitar Success membership to collect the exercises you’d like to use for your first routine. Here are some suggestions:

For Warm-Up exercises the module titled Supersonic Guitar Exercises has many great warm-ups for different levels.

For the Daily Development section you can use any of the exercises that are presented in the various learning modules (courses). However, if you’re going through “the Roadmap” I’d recommend using the exercises that are presented along the way. That way you’ll know that they’re exercises that are appropriate for your level.

The Final Closing section is the most flexible. Choose anything that you like to play and that isn’t too much of a struggle. You might try some of the licks from the 14 Classic Guitar Riffs/Licks module.

Of course you can also use exercises you’ve learned from other sources such as private teachers or other lessons.

That said, if you’re early in your guitar playing adventure it can be overwhelming to decide what to use with so many areas to choose from. In addition, often times students find themselves riddled with doubts as to whether they’re doing the exercises right.

I came up with a unique solution for this. Since you’re already a member of Real Guitar Success it’s something you can take advantage of.


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