#12 What To Do Now-Taking Action

As we come to the close of this lesson I want to invite you to take action.

Do that by creating a Daily Guitar Ritual that is consistent with your level and interest. Don’t go for perfection. Just create something that you think could work. You can make changes as you go.

Decide on where you’re going to do your ritual and set it up so it’s easy to go there and get going without having to spend time thinking about it each session.

Decide when you’re going to do this during the day. It doesn’t have to be the same time every day, but as much consistently as you can muster will help simplify things.

Print out a 30-Day Challenge chart and put it somewhere you can easily see and access it.

Find a guitar buddy or guitar learning group (like the Real Guitar Success community) you can use for accountability. State or post your intention to complete 30 days of your ritual.

Start doing the ritual each day. Put a red X on your chart after each session. If you’ve created an accountability arrangement (as recommended) send an email or create a post after each completed session.

If something comes up to interrupt your beautiful stream of red X’s … Humbly fess up to your accountability peoples, recommit and get back on it the next day.

Try not to get too serious, but stay focused on what you want and keep after it.

And finally let me and others in the Real Guitar Success Community know how you’re doing. That way we can help support each other.

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