#11 Common Questions

Should I use a metronome for my Daily Guitar Ritual?

I find in general a metronome is a very useful tool to use for practicing. The two areas I find it most useful are 1) to work on my timing, and 2) to measure progress on specific techniques by playing with the metronome and documenting my progress.

Though this works well for a main practice session where you’re striving to improve I don’t use the metronome for my Daily Guitar Ritual. This would actually conflict with the underlying principle of the ritual and change the focus to more of a main practice and improvement routine.

It would also add a level complexity to the ritual that would make it more difficult to do in the time allotted.


When should I change and exercise?

I recommend changing the exercise when it no longer provides benefit, or there’s another exercise that could replace it that would provide more benefit.

I seldom find an exercise that doesn’t provide benefit. But I often decide there’s another exercise that will provide more benefit. Sometimes that’s because I’ve been doing an exercise for so long it’s hard for me to stay focused on it. The new exercise is just different enough to provide a little more stimulation and keep me engaged.

A little challenge is good. It will keep you engaged. Too much challenge will work against you.


What do I do if I miss a day?

What you don’t want to do his wallow too much on the day you missed. I don’t mean to ignore it. Acknowledge it, then recommit to yourself… even better to your accountability guitar buddy or group.

There’s nothing else to do but “get back on the horse”. Get back to it the next day.

In truth some of my biggest successes were preceded by several failures. What turned it into a success was that I kept coming back at it with new commitment.


What if I’m a beginner and don’t know any exercises yet?

Use Sample Guitar Ritual #1 that was described previously in this lesson.

Use this to start with. Swap out exercises as you learn new ones. This will help you get the habit started. It’s much easier to add and change the ritual once it’s already going than to get it started.


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