5 Minute Practice Session – C/G Acoustic Lick

Your First Practice Session?

If this is your first practice session with me the just a couple of things I want to make clear.

1. This is NOT a lesson. It is not intended to teach you how to play the subject of the practice sessions. It is designed as a practice along video. If you don’t know this material you are in the wrong place. It would be best to find the lesson and learned first and then come back here.

2. This video is designed for you to play along with. If you are having difficulty keeping up it is okay to stop the video and practice by yourself, then come back and try again.

I created this video to help you progress on the guitar and modeling the after when I often do in a lesson. I have the student play along with me on a very focused set of material, slowly at first, then pick it up little by little. I usually do this for somewhere in the area of about 5 to 10 minutes.

Why Practice Sessions?

I think these short practice sessions are fun. The trick is to not overdo it. Don’t make this your entire practice, but rather a part of your practice. I can promise you they will help you get better. Though especially help you with your timing and changing chords at the right time. Many self taught guitar learners are notorious for having trouble with timing with changing chords. By practicing along with the video it will force you’d to change on time. This will little by little become a habit.

What’s This Session About?

This video focuses on to chords and a strum to go with it. The chords are G (using the pinky) and C/G. The strum is the Pop Rock Strum.

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