Amazing Grace Fingerstyle Complete

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Hi Tomas
Great teaching not continously playing the whole song but especially those pieces that I am struggling with. Nice that you do “a lesson” about it. So I get a better sight on it and try it at once while you are explaining.

You are right saying “take your time”…. When I started with “When the Saints” I thought “what a spaghetti with my fingers, I never will reach this”. Now, at least, I can finger it.
So maybe one day also “Amazing grace”. You just need patience, good exercise by learning this song.

Hi Tomas

Studying “When the Saints” I was used that you made a download for each part. With that idea in my head I went on with “Amazing Grace”, where you made one download for the whole song. That’s why I am “missing” all the pick ups. I now, by chance, find out, that it is all written down as you play it. My apologizes for the confusion I brought up here on the comments.
Thanks a lot for your patience!

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