When The Saints – Complete

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Today, sinds a long time, I repeated this song, and, yes, it went so much easier than months ago. And what a pleasure.
I not only learned a song about “The Saints” but you, Tomas, must have become one in the meantime. With all these remarks of mine one must get a saint.
Great job, that of yours, Tomas!

Hi Tomas
In Part I and II you are counting in with 3 signs,
in Part III and IV you are counting in with 4 signs and
in Complete you are counting in with 7 signs.
For me confusion!

In Part II you are not playing the last note (that on the download is written down in Part III).
Whereas in the Complete version, you are playing it well.
Confusion for me!

In the download the first note from Part II belongs to Part I,
the two first notes from Part III belong to Part II
and the two first notes notes from Part IV belong to Part III.
At least that is what I concluded from seeing you playing the different Parts.

I am so happy that I am finally capable playing this song. And of course I hope soon being able to post a video about it.

Hi Tomas
I understand that this course is much too advanced for me. The speed in the slow play along track is still much too fast for me to follow. That’s nearly everywhere the case. So I stop doing the play along tracks, even though you highly recommand doing it.
I continue this adventure, I really like the songs and learn a lot nevertheless, but the play along tracks are too high a level for me.

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