Each month we offer a Live training along with a Question and Answer session. We’d love to have you there. The next session is listed below.

Submit questions ahead of time or in the chat at the event. We also record the event and make it available here…

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>> RGS Live #75 – Thursday October 5th @ 12pm Pacific US (3PM Eastern US, 8PM UK)

Below is a collection of recordings of the monthly RGS Live sessions.

RGS Live

RGS Live #73 | Q&A – How to Learn The Guitar Fretboard

Thank you to all who came to the latest RGS Live Session! We talked in depth about a really great question that was pre-submitted to me regarding the ability to play chords using the entire

RGS Live

RGS Live #72 | Q&A – How to Get Bar Finger to Lay Flat?

Welcome to the RGS Live Replay! I apologize for the technical problems we had at the beginning of the session, but once they were quickly resolved we got right into all of the questions you

RGS Live

RGS Live #71 | Q&A – How To Practice Effectively

  Thanks for joining me on the latest RGS LIVE Session! We got in a deep conversation about how to practice better. It is something that many students have inquired over the years about, and

RGS Live

RGS Live #70 | Q&A – Diminished vs Half Diminished Chords – Uses and Differences

I enjoyed this RGS Live session and hope you did as well! We started right out of the gate going over a question I received from a RGS member about the difference between and uses

RGS Live

RGS Live #69 | Time Signature Hacks: Count Beats in Any Song (4/4, 3/4, 6/8)

What a great RGS Live Q&A Session we had this week! Thanks again to everyone who made it, you all contributed a lot of great questions. Some of those guitar questions included how to decipher

RGS Live

RGS Live #68 | Q&A

Thank you to all who came to this Real Guitar Success Live Q&A session! I had fun answering all of your fantastic questions, and the best part is that we all benefit from this, including

RGS Live

RGS Live #67 | Q&A – How To Use A Looper for Guitar Practice

Thanks for another awesome RGS Live Q&A session, where all of your guitar questions get answered! I’m happy that I got to finally do my demonstration for you all about how to use a looper!

RGS Live

RGS Live – Harnessing the Power of Chord Patterns

Well thankfully this Special RGS live session went by without a hitch! I hosted this extra RGS Live due to the last session starting late due to some technical difficulties. I wanted to be sure

RGS Live

RGS Live #66 Q&A | How To Use A Thumb Pick on Guitar

Thank you again to all of you who joined me for the latest RGS Live Session. I apologize for the technical difficulties I was experiencing at the start, but you stuck with me through it,

RGS Live

RGS Live #65 | Q & A Session

Thank you for another wonderful RGS Live Session. The questions just keep getting better and better, and I’ve even found that sometimes your questions help me learn something new! For example, someone had asked me

RGS Live

RGS Live #64 Q & A | Changing Keys On Guitar Made EASY

What an amazing time we had at the latest RGS Live Q&A session! I started right out the gate with a very popular question that I’ve received from many of my guitar students. That question

RGS Live

RGS Live #63 Q & A | How to Find Chords And Lyrics

Nice to see all of you again at this past RGS Live Q&A session! Once we got past some of the technical issues at the very beginning, we dove right into some great questions that