Each month we offer a Live training along with a Question and Answer session. We'd love to have you there. The next session is listed below.

Submit questions ahead of time or in the chat at the event. We also record the event and make it available here...

Next Live Training/Q & A Session

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>>Thursday May 5th @ 12pm Pacific US (3PM Eastern US, 8PM UK)

Below is a collection of recordings of the monthly RGS Live sessions.

Real Guitar Live #58 | Q & A Session

Some really great questions came up in this RGS live Q&A Session! We talked about how to find the chords to go with a song you are composing, how to strum better on the upstroke,

Real Guitar Live #52 | Q & A – Sore Fingers?

Join John Gilliat (guitarist and teacher extraordinaire) and myself, your host, Tomas Michaud for Real Guitar Live #52 Q & A session. What’s this session about? “My fingers are killing me! I’ve been playing for

Real Guitar Live #48 | 1-4-5 Chord Progression

Check out this super useful guitar theory trick that will help you to learn songs fast! In addition, we answered questions like Is there a 1-4-5 progression in minor keys?, Should I buy a practice

Real Guitar Live #47 | Learning New Chords Fast

Are you having trouble learning new chords? Watch this month’s Q&A session where I will teach you the best way to learn new chords along with answering questions like How to practice keeping in time

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