RGS Live #73 | Q&A – How to Learn The Guitar Fretboard


Check out this RGS live! We talked in depth about a great question that was pre-submitted to me regarding the ability to play chords using the entire fretboard. They wanted to know whether there was a pattern or shape to the chords that made them easier to learn and move across the fretboard, or if sheer memorization was required. Great question!

Besides that topic we dove into a couple more interesting topics about learning strumming patterns.

We hope to see you again next month on Thursday September 7th, same time same place (12 pm PDT/ 3 pm PDT). Click here to bookmark that next live session!

Links Mentioned:

  • RGS Course – Learning the Fretboard (Member) – If you are looking for additional help in learning the strings on the fretboard, check out this course! This will help you with moveable chords, movable scales, learning songs, techniques, and generally being able to get around the guitar fretboard easily.
  • C.A.G.E.D System – This is a system to describe how the guitar fretboard is organized by the 5 different chord shapes.

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