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    Ok Tomas you win!
    You know I understand and begin
    my practice with a warmup
    I watched your video of your personal warmup
    Then i wondered, What does he mean by dominant 7th
    NO. I know what a dominant 7th is
    but how does it relate to a scale practice?
    I decided to think about that when I went to bed.
    Aah ha he’s playing 1357 from the sixth string.
    Laid there solved it using the G 7th in my head.
    Next morning I played with it and thought
    I can create all kinds of stuff from that.
    I looked at your video again and noticed
    that you played that while holding your pinky
    You are an animal! One time through and
    my left hand cramped so bad I couldn’t do anything
    but empty the dishwasher because I knew it was warm 🙂
    Luv Ya

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