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    I started this post for everyone to share their ideas on practicing with everyone.

    Here’s my entry…

    If you’re busy during the week, trying to just get 10 minutes in on the Practice Session for that day. Watch the explanation video and try it out once or twice. Then check it off. If you want to come back at it later add it to your favorites.
    When you have more time, maybe the weekends, go your favorites list and spend time on the sessions that really resonate with you. It’s great time to work on some of the course modules as well.


    I can’t find a better place to ask this question so here goes here: I’m a total beginner and I just brought my new guitar home today. Now what? Where do I start?


    I was trying to delete something that automatically appeared twice and I was told to slow down.


    Now I see my error. I’m getting duplicates because I hit submit twice. This is quite a program you’ve got that detects my errors. I’ll be careful.




    Hi Kent,

    I’ve made you your own short video. Click here:

    Here are the links to the sections I talk about in the video:

    Beginner Guitar for Grownups (start here)

    Beginner’s Journey (next step after Beginner’s Guitar for Grownups)



    Beginner Guitar Intro For Grownups

Viewing 1 - 5 of 5 posts

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