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    So I decided I need to clean up my playing some or at least start to. Now is a good time because music theory is going very slow due to the fact I need to actual practice it such as Ear Training with Intervals. So I have a piece of music its one of my all time favorites Crossroads duel scene. I will add the first arpeggio part in a reply to this post. Now I cannot play this at speed but I believe you don’t have to on a piece of music like that it should be played stable and clearly as slowly as needed.

    The issue is I recently decided I wanted to play it with Metronome and I just was sucking unless I played the 16th notes as quarter notes and followed the metronome which mind you is better than nothing but I wanted to play 16th notes right and they can be made much easier with basic count method.

    Thomas may have covered this I know he covered the quarter and 8th notes for sure. Method to 8th note is [1 (and) 2 (and) 3 (and) 4 (and)] which makes a measure the “and” is basically counted on the up beat.

    So Trick for the 16 note is to count [1 e (and) a , 2 e (and) a , 3 e (and) a , 4 e (and) a] (note: you pronounce a as eh sounding see video link) this will help with counting 16th note.

    picture added below as it was easier for me to search “HOW TO COUNT 16 NOTES” in internet search engine that to try to search through videos with different titles to find. For timing does not matter what instrument so just grabbed a piano one which was first that came up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clmZV1Fm04k

    Now after all this I have to say its still not easy as slowing a metronome down while makes it easier for fingers a very slow 4 count can be tough as well we tend to want to rush it so just have to continue to practice I am at 40BPM now practicing with 16th notes but will update how its working out and if I had to adjust. I eventually want to get it up to close to speed as I know I am capable of that but none of that matters if timing is messed up and its stop and go so want to hone my timing as I play the cross roads thing every day in my practice routine.

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    Ok here is one part of my all time favorite pieces of music. Great practice piece.

    Here is full song link with songster I actually have account with them as I can slow down the music and speed it up and have access to all their tab. They have free view stuff to though just cannot slow down songs and stuff. Only thing I don’t like is that I hate synth sounding stuff cannot stand it and the instruments sound computer generated however for learning I put up with it.


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    One last thing before start trying to do with instrument with metronome practice with just your voice. I am doing that now and its not really that easy for me but I see that I am starting to get my voice in the right time pattern though I still make mistakes. So just say that 16th count method outloud trying to make sure your main beat lands on the Metronome beat. it takes some practice. In fact I am still working on it lol.

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